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Sweetser Town Hall

113 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 329

Sweetser, IN 46987


Sweetser Administration

Sweetser Town Council_edited.jpg


John Potter


Town Board Member

Town Board - President

Kyle Taylor


Town Board Member

Town Board - VP

Matt Stewart


Town Board Member

Coming Soon 



Town Council: Travis LeMaster, Kyle Taylor, Matt Stewart, Dave Fox and Chuck Briede

Sweetser Police Department

Town Marshall

Ryan Hornback
(765) 384-7222 - Office

Our Mission 
In partnership with our community, the Sweetser Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality police service to enhance community safety, protect life and property and reduce crime while doing so with professionalism and trust.
Our Vision 
We are committed to working together with the community using innovative ideas, available resources and government agencies to fight crime and improve the quality of life in our community. We are also committed to excel as an organization.
Our Values
Human Life:           The protection of human life is our highest priority.
Integrity:                 We will do what is right without compromise.
Accountability:      We will accept responsibility for our actions.
Loyalty:                   To the organization, profession and the community.
Fairness:                  We will treat everyone with dignity and respect in an equitable manner.
Honesty:                  We will be forthright and truthful.
Professionalism:     We will serve this community with honor and pride.

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